Blissbox is a sonic scientist and sound mangler, carrying out aural experiments in a small Melbourne studio. Blissbox started making music in 2012 and established a name in the game industry by 2014. Creating lush soundscapes and heavy, erratic, electronic beats, the overall style varies widely; between ambient electronica, orchestral arrangements and maximalist, beat-based, glitched out chaos. Influenced by a massively diverse range of artists – from Bach to Radiohead, to Aphex Twin and a ridiculous number of artists in between; this emerges in the overall sound. Fascinated by the immersive, audio-visual experience; the future of sound to Blissbox is one of total sensory indulgence.

“Language can never adequately render the cosmic symbolism of music, because music stands in symbolic relation to the primordial contradiction and primordial pain in the heart of the primal unity, and therefore symbolizes a sphere which is beyond and prior to all phenomena. Rather, all phenomena, compared with it, are merely symbols: hence language, as the organ and symbol of phenomena, can never by any means disclose the innermost heart of music; language, in its attempt to imitate it, can only be in superficial contact with music; while all the eloquence of lyric poetry cannot bring the deepest significance of the latter one step nearer to us.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy